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20 December 2005 @ 12:20 pm
A story, which I hope will work.  
Teh story of teh doom:

Name: Rukyn....DUH! Age: 14-15...ish.
Appearance: A whitish blouse hangs on her shoulders and ragged pants hang from her waist. She goes barefoot and has a small cat resting on her shoulder. A dirk hangs by her side. Brown hair. Purple eyes...mystifying and perty.
Cat: Jake (male) Age: Kitten Appearance: Tortoiseshell, brown, black, white...yah know the deal. Note: Jake also likes to hang out on Rukyn's shoulder...a lot.
Personality: Happy-go-lucky. Spunky, yet serious. Good at following orders. Jake's Personality: Meow...you know, regular cat.

Name: Real name is Ruth Lowell, but she goes as Cap'n to everyone.
Age: 17-18. Has to be old enough so people take her serious.
Appearance: Fairly tall, red hair in a perpetual braid, blue eyes. Always wears men’s clothes, with a too-big navy blue coat. A ragged black hat sits low on her forehead. A sword hangs on her right side, marking her as a left-handed person.
Personality: Despite her young age, insists upon being treated as a grizzled old sea captain. Fiercely independent and slightly prideful, but close to her friends. If she finds any.

*Rukyn walks down the docks, Jake on her shoulder. She glances about, then sneakily snitches an apple from a crate nearby. Someone sees her and quickly grabs her* Person who grabbed her: Hey! You dirty little thief!!! *Jake immediately starts to hiss and a crowd grow around the pair, Rukyn smiles nervously*

*Cap'n is standing at the edge of the crowd, watching the commotion with vague interest*

*Rukyn quickly struggles away from her captors grip and darts under the crowds feet, soon heading to a run, as the man is after her...shouting very bad things...*

Cap'n: *steps into the mans way, saying* What's all yer yellin' 'bout? I was taking me a lovely nap upon that fine bed *gestures at a pile of soggy boxes* when you awoke me with your shoutin'.

*Rukyn darts behind a couple of crates a few yards away, watching the entire scene*

Cap'n: *leans against the stall and talks conversationally to the man * Now, I'm guessin' that fine, well-bred young lady and her...small ,furry animal, meant no 'arm! *looks around and finds no sign of Rukyn* Where ever they went.

Rukyn: *to Jake* What a strange lady, matey. Wonder what she did that for? *the guy starts to get angry* Guy: The thieving little brat, of course she meant it. She always is....if'n you see 'er any time soon take her away from here. She's nothing but trouble and mischief...*sighs*

Cap'n: Will do sir! *walks away, surreptitiously takes the apple Rukyn dropped out of her pocket and takes a bite*

That was strange. *slowly glances about to see if anybody notices her, she smiles and slowly follows the unsuspecting Cap'n*

*Cap'n scowls at the apple, glaring at a worm that has poked it's head out* Disgustin'. *tosses it into the bay, hits someone on the head*

*Rukyn dodges from the falling apple and snitches yet another apple, this time unsuspectingly. Jake meows*

*Cap'n freezes at the meow. Her hand strays to her sword*

Jake: *purrs and jumps down up to the Cap'n rubbing against her legs* Meow! Rukyn: *darts behind a pile of crates*

Cap'n: *looks down, raises her eyebrows* Uh-HUH. *looks around, then bends down and pets Jake*

*Jake starts to stray off over to the crates, where Rukyn is hiding*

Cap'n: *follows Jake with her eyes, notices Rukyn's dirk, peeking out from behind the crate, grins evilly* Come out, come out wherever you are and taste my STEEL!! *draws sword*

*she scrambles up the pile of crates swiftly and over the top grabbing her kitten. quickly she runs down the dock, bare feet hitting the pavement*

*As Rukyn runs around the corner, she runs right smack into- someone...*

Person she smacked into: Careful young'un. *stares at the girl then scratches his beard* Hey, you're the dock thief aren’t yah. *he doesn't wait for an answer and grabs the girls’ shoulders shoving her forward* They've got a good price on ye 'ead. It'll earn me some'ore extra change.

*Cap’n magically appears from behind a crate* Change? *stands up* Did you say change? Why, I 'appen to be in a bit o' a hard spot meself when it comes to change...
*gives the random nameless man a sweet smile* Now, after all I've done fer you, you wouldn't deny me th' chance to turn in a dangerous criminal, ay? I do like to do me part.....

*picks herself up off from the ground and nods at Cap'n, tipping her hat* Good morning, ma'am. *Jake jumps up onto the girls head and starts to lick his paw*

Cap'n: *looks down her nose at her, difficult, because they're the same size* Do I look like one o' them fine ladies that insists 'pon bein' called 'ma'm'? *brushes imaginary lint off herself* But, considerin' I jus' saved your life...twice...I'll expec' some payment, savvy?

Sorry, marm. Don't 'ave very much, excepting me cat, Jake, 'ere.*indicates the kitten*

Cap'n: *eyes Jake* Erm...no, that won't do...*snaps fingers suddenly* I know! Have you a mind to be a fine member of me crew, aboard the finest ship ever to sail these 'ere waves, The Rusty Dog?

Rukyn: *stares at Cap'n for a moment* I'm guessin' I don't 'ave a choice in the matter, ay?

Cap'n: Smart lass. *turns and marches down the dock* Follow me!

*follows boldly, kitten on her shoulder* Name, miss? Mine's be Rukyn. Call me Ruk or Rukky.

*said as she strides very fast down the dock* Cap'n. Jus' Cap'n. Not Cap'n Smith or Cap'n Blackbeard. Cap'n.

Aye aye, Cap'n. This 'ere's Jake, as I said before. 'E don't do very much but sit on me shoulder.

I've noticed....*pauses suddenly, causing several people to run into her, except Rukyn who quickly sidesteps her* Have you a mind to be ma navigator, by any chance?

I do anything, mar-err...Cap'n. Steerswomen, swabby, sailor, and everything else.

How 'bout all of th' above?

You don't 'ave anyone else, do yah?

Cap'n: *looks insulted* I do! I mean, I would...except I couldn't find me any who were brave an' courageous enough.....

I could fix that if'n you want me to?

Cap'n: *looks relieved* Oh, would yo- I mean...*assumes a dignified pose* If you wish.....*walks proudly off- all the way off the dock and into the water*

*chuckles*Be back in a jiff....*she runs off, heading towards a tavern.*

Cap'n: *pulls herself out of the water and wrings water out of her hat* I need me a new hat too....
The writers are:: creativePirate-y....
The music:: The TV