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A proposition.

I have a thought.

Okay, when we started this community, we were deep in the midst of our LOTR and pirate obsessions, right?

Well, now, those have cooled a little bit. We are now in the midst of our Teag and Shad obsession. But, this cannot be fed at the moment, because of the fiendish e-mail of doom and death.

So, in my Shad-withdrawal, I have started writing.......not exactly 'fan fiction' but stories about Shad and Teag that do not take place in the books. And that gave me a little idea.

So, if you feel like it, I propose a challenge: We each have to write a little story about our respective made-up characters (not saying that you don't have full ownership of Teagan and everything she does, but I made her up. Same with you and Shad) that takes place BEFORE the books. For instance, I'm in the midst of writing a story about Teag that takes place seven years before she even meets Shad. You'd write one about Shad before he got all spyish.

If you don't want to do this, that's cool. I'll finish my story and post it here just for fun. If you do, go to it.

Of course, the logical step after Pre-books is AFTER-books. My mind has already turned this idea over and over and over. I couldn't do it for too long though, because the idea of Shad..............OUR a.....*dies of the cuteness*

Yeah. Tell me whatcha think.
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We need to get back on this NOW!!!

I'm gonna fix the background. And the title. This place needs a revamp. *goes and comes back in a janitor suit* I'm ready. *runs off*
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peewee sez wtf

Suggest is a funny word

Suggestion, Otter: D'you wanna I should post our prettyful pirate-y story of doom? For, to speak truth, I know how, and it is very good........................................

In other news, you Imed me and are not on. Wah.
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